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  1. How can I find out how many alumni are employed with my company?
    1. Go to the BYU Alumni Career Networking Tool:
    2. Search by company name and/or location to get a list of alumni who are employed with your company.
  2. What kind of companies are you looking for to become a part of BYU Network?
    1. A mid-sized to large corporation that has various opportunities available to our employment seeking students/alumni.
  3. Who reports BYU Network activity and how is that reported?
    1. The head mentor will send Scott Greenhalgh, Manager of BYU Alumni Career Services, an annual report of BYU Network activity and mentors will report individual interactions to the head mentor.  If inappropriate usage of BYU Network occurs, the specific mentor should report that to Scott.
  4. How can I get a BYU Network started in my company?
    1. You need a group of at least 5 alumni/individuals within your company who are willing to be mentors for BYU students/alumni.
    2. Contact Scott Greenhalgh to initiate the process of creating an BYU Network group within your company: (801) 422-7600.
  5. How do I know which professionals listed on the BYU Alumni Career Networking Tool are available to be BYU Network mentors?
    1. There will be a BYU Network Icon to the right of the mentor’s name.
  6. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?
    1. Scott Greenhalgh, (801) 422-7600