Alumni Career Services

BYU Network - Mentors

Mentoring FAQs

  1. 1. What can an BYU Network mentor do?
    1. Assist students/alumni with career goals
    2. Provide transitional guidance to new hires and interns at their company
    3. Provide opportunities to connect with industry professionals
    4. Help with resumes and application procedures, give interview tips
  2. How will students/alumni utilize the BYU Network?
    1. Students/alumni find a BYU Network mentor on the BYU Alumni Career Networking Tool. (A BYU Network icon is near his/her name)
    2. Students/alumni emails mentor. Mentors respond to email and agrees to be a mentor. Future communication is agreed upon
    3. Contact is maintained as individuals work on career strategy
  3. How will students/alumni be contacting me?
    1. Once you become a BYU Network mentor, your name will be listed in the BYU Alumni Career Networking Tool. From this tool, students/alumni can send you emails regarding their career goals. They will not have access to your contact information. It is your decision to divulge additional contact information
  4. What type of information is required for registration?
    1. Current employer
    2. Employer Industry
    3. General location
    4. The degree or major you focused on during college
    5. Current area of expertise
  5. How do I become a BYU Network mentor?
    1. You need at least five BYU alumni within your company who are willing to be mentors for students/alumni
    2. Contact Scott Greenhalgh at to initiate the process of creating a BYU Network group within your company
  6. Who do I talk to if I have other questions?
    1. Contact Scott Greenhalgh at