Alumni Career Services

BYU Network - Students/Alumni


  1. What are the benefits of using a mentor?
    1. Build current network
    2. Receive lifelong mentoring
    3. Expand career opportunities
    4. Join a community of support
  2. What resources will I gain from my mentor?
    1. Meet and/or work with mentor
    2. Resume reviews
    3. Help with application/interview process
    4. Opportunity to contact professionals in their industry
    5. Knowledge of trends and options within an industry
    6. Strategy as to how you can become a part of their company
    7. Support during transition to company and while employed
  3. How do I know which professionals listed on the BYU Alumni Career Networking Tool are available to be BYU Network mentors?
    1. There will be an BYU Network Icon to the right of the mentor’s name.
  4. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?
    1. An Alumni Career Service Team Member, 801-422-6933
  5. What types of things do I discuss with my mentor?
    1. Go to the “Mentoring Videos” link.
  6. How do I utilize the BYU Network?
    1. Go to the “Contact Mentor” link.